Non Riding Partners Welcome


We believe the world should be discovered on the saddle of a bicycle. But that doesn’t mean non-cyclists can’t join in the fun. We’re built for people of all categories, including mixed riding levels, non-riding travelers, one non-riding partner who has no interest in two wheels at all or bring the whole family. Just because you don’t ride doesn’t mean you can’t eat, drink, savor, sight-see, discover, tour, explore or just relax to your heart’s content.

Non-riding travelers will have plenty of options on these trips with dining, recreation and cultural activities located nearby our very centrally located accommodations.

On all of our trips,  we can assist guests to customise options for non-riding activities by providing restaurant and activity suggestions and assisting with transportation needs (not all transportation is included).

Non-riding guests should plan on some time spent independent from the group during daily rides, however, and will be given general timing information regarding the riders’ schedule and the possibility of joining the group whenever feasible logistically.

On all transfer days between hotels, non-riders must either ride in the support van while the guides support the day’s ride, ride in the non riders bus with a driver, or they may organise their own transport - at their own expense.

It is important to note that although these tours will work with non-riders to make their trip as enjoyable and their experience as inclusive as possible, the tours focus must be on supporting the daily rides. Our tours and support vehicles are committed to supporting riders throughout the trip. For this reason we encourage you to carefully consider your choice to book as a non-rider, and to research your non-riding options ahead of time as it may require advance bookings and transportation arrangements.

For more information, please contact us for details.